One heck of a challenge


By Vicki Scott

For the first time (I think) I’m writing a sequel to a previous column. It’s not on purpose; I hurt all over and it is on my mind.

My children wanted to participate in the 75-day challenge, and I thought I would try it as well. My daughter Eva was enthusiastic until COVID hit their home. Eva lasted about five days on her challenge. However, my son Joseph went in on the challenge 150 percent, even buying a gallon bottle that measures the amount of water and the time of day it is supposed to have been consumed.

Yours truly, on the other hand, wanted to quit after the first day.

Each day for 75 days, we are supposed to exercise twice for 45 minutes, take a picture of ourselves, drink one gallon of water, read 10 pages of a non-fiction book and follow a specific diet. If any part of this plan does not happen, the whole challenge must start over. With that last sentence in mind, it should take me about 10 years to finish the 75-day challenge. In short, I could not see myself finishing.

Cleaning and moving can be considered exercise with this challenge, which worked great for me with our ongoing move from Glencoe to Dadeville. We’ve been very busy with the move, so that part of the challenge is paying off.  A half-gallon of water is not a problem. A whole gallon is tricky but doable.

Like clockwork, right after work, Joseph knocks on our door ready for my second workout. On the first day, we went to the park close to where he lives. It was freezing cold outside, but we pushed on and made it through. When I returned home, I hit the hot tub for a long time then gooped down with Blue Emu Oil.

The next day, Joseph and I, along with my husband Alan, walked down the road we live on, which was easier than the park and it not as cold. After the soreness worked out, it was not so bad. When we were done, I informed Joseph that his dad and I were driving to Glencoe the following day.

I thought I might get a break the next day, but when 4 p.m. rolled around, my phone rang. Joseph was ready. He kept me on the phone during our walk to made sure I finished.

Right now, my head hurts and my nose is congested. I think I’m allergic to outdoor exercise.

Joseph and Alan stay congested this time of the year. It might be COVID or perhaps laziness. All I know is that Joseph will be calling soon for another 45-minute exercise. The problem with that is that I do not feel like exercising. I’ve made it seven days in a row. I wonder how much it would cost to change my phone number? It does not matter; Joseph will find me.

I guess I’m doomed to get in shape, because it looks like with Joseph’s 150 percent combined with my half-hearted attempt, we might do actually do this. I still do not see it on my part, but Joseph is persistent. There is no doubt he will finish. I used to say, “My mama didn’t raise a quitter.” I did not realize it would come back to haunt me. We press on, sort of.

Thanks for letting me vent. Stay safe, y’all!

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