Sad faces, revitalized playgrounds


By Vicki Scott

Last Sunday my husband Alan and I moved our letter back to the church we were baptized in Reeltown. It has been about 10 years since we attended that church, and I praise God, they let us back in. Tammy Phillips, the church secretary and children’s ministry director among other things at Cove Creek Baptist Church in Glencoe, informed us that they received the request for our letter and that she sent it back with a sad face. Tammy said she wanted to write more but decided on just the sad face. Of course, Alan and I started to think of all of the things that could have been written.

We laughed through “good riddance” and “better y’all than us.” I was thinking things such as “They’re your problem now” and “Now, we can stop being so broke.” Tammy said she gets a lot of letters with notes on them that could say anything. A scary one would be a request for the church to call for more information. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that Tammy stopped with the sad face. We plan to visit as much as we can, but I already miss my sea turtle sister!

It is amazing how such a short time can result in such kindred relationships. The ladies’ group at Cove Creek were therapeutic for me during my time in Glencoe. That kindred spirit was at the George Wallace Senior Center, too. I will be forever grateful to God for using both places to keep my spirits up and make me feel at home in Glencoe.

First Baptist Reeltown is where Alan and I were baptized on December 12, 1993. We hit the ground running that day by doing whatever we could at the church. Alan became a deacon and I taught the adult Sunday School class until we moved to Glencoe. Our Sunday School class built a playground for our children to enjoy. It broke our hearts to leave Reeltown and now our hearts are broken again leaving Cove Creek.

When we visited Reeltown before moving our letter back, our children attended church with us. Their children wanted to go to the playground. While on the playground, our son Joseph was swinging with our grandchild Addie, and the swing broke. Because of that, we notice that things needed to be repaired. I mean, it had only been over 20 years. We discussed this idea with our pastor, and money has already been set aside for the project. For old times’ sake, we offered help.

The next week, another couple moved their letter back who were in the same Sunday school class that helped build the playground. This couple, along with other parents who all have had children that grew up playing on that playground, now have an opportunity to help for their children’s sake. We joined the next week. I am so excited about what the Lord is doing and for allowing me to not only witness this project but join in.

It is with a sad face that my letter has moved from Cove Creek Baptist to First Baptist of Reeltown, but I know this is not all that God in store for our journey home. God is working in Cove Creek as well, and I look forward to what He is getting that church ready for. I cried when we walked down the aisle, displaying different emotions but humbled at all the blessings.

I’ve enjoyed my 10-year vacation in Glencoe, and I love you all! Stay safe!

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