Softball skills and a bad deposit


By Vicki Scott

What a beautiful night it was as we enjoyed last Sunday evening while the rest of the world was settling down in preparations for a new work week.

Well, that is what I would have been doing a few weeks ago. It was beautiful that night because we were babysitting two of our four grandchildren, who are now home with their parents. The babysitting gig felt like a major accomplishment, which amounted to spoiling the grandchildren before sending them home.

It all started Friday night when our oldest grandchild, Ava Jaymes played softball with people from the school that both of our children graduated from. This team played the team local to our lake house in Dadeville. The rumor was that Dadeville was the team to beat, and Ava Jaymes’ team did not fare so well the night before.

Ava Jaymes’ team arrived early and started practicing so hard that I joined in, messed-up hip and all.  A few throws into my involvement sparked advice from my son, which was to just catch or stop the ball. I am more of an athlete in my head than real life, but I was out there trying. At any rate, the girls on Ava James’ team sharpened their ducking skills because of me.

Our lifelong friends Hollis and Audrey came to visit Saturday, and we all went out to eat. During their visit, Hollis and Audrey shared their experience from the night before. Hollis and Audrey never had children of their own but had nieces, nephews, our children and grandchildren that consumed their spoiling energies. Hollis’ brother-in-law had been keeping his grandchild for a week and needed a break, so Hollis and Audrey stepped up to the plate. Audrey said they had not babysat since 1995, which got my attention.

Hollis said Evie, which was the three-year-old toddler running around playing, suddenly stopped and made a look. Hollis knew that look and quickly put Audrey in charge. There indeed was a deposit, and it was a doozey. Evie was wearing pull-ups and did not want to be changed, so Audrey had Hollis hold Evie up over the sink while she pulled the heavily soiled pull-ups down.  Hollis could not hold Evie up high enough because it smelled so bad and could not hold his nose. Audrey went through several baby wipes while on Evie was kicking and screaming. Audrey said that smell stayed with her for a while like it was lodged in her nose. 

When Evie was finally clean, and a fresh pull-up was in place, Hollis and Audrey calculated the time when the tot had last eaten. They were formulating a hope in making sure she was not going to leave another deposit until after they left. 

Following that episode, Evie was ready to go and wanted to play hide and seek. while Audrey was playing the game with Evie, Hollis sat on the couch trying to make the television play Disney, or something that children like to watch. Audrey finished counting and set out to find the child. She could not. Audrey started calling Hollis in a panic until he got up and helped her in the search. The young one was discovered behind a door watching the whole thing. That child had a blast, but Hollis said it was the longest three hours of his life. Audrey said she slept well when she got home. I wish I could say I did not laugh, but I could not help it.

Before Hollis and Audrey left on Friday night, our son-in-law Trey dropped off our grandchildren, Saylor Rhea and Tyler Kate, who are growing so fast. They packed their own bags with pajamas and toys and were so proud of themselves. I loved it!

Our son Joseph and his wife came over with our youngest grandchild, Addison Victoria, and we all played and ate. Times like these are treasured in the Scott house. We are so blessed, and I praise God. Philippians 4:8 says to focus on what is good and true, and I can see why. Thinking on these things brings the rewards of love and a sense of accomplishment. My cup runneth over! Stay safe, y’all!

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