The Next Great Americans Bus Tour to visit Etowah County schools


Liberty Learning Foundation’s Next Great Americans Bus Tour continues its mission to help students “discover and define their important roles in America’s future” with a performance for the 4th and 5th graders at Hokes Bluff, Gaston, Ivalee, Duck Springs and Whitesboro elementary schools.

In a 45-minute theatrical performance held at 9 a.m., Friday March 13th, Libby Liberty will take students on a journey through history and introduce the Super Citizen Program that teachers have been buzzing about since its 2011 release. Students, faculty and community leaders end the show with anthemic sing-alongs and a “thank you” to a local sponsors AlaTrade Foods which is making the program possible.

“The tour brings attention to the urgent need for tools that make it easy and exciting for educators to teach character-education and civic responsibility right alongside required subjects,” says foundation founder Patti Yancey.

The kickoff performances are evidence of the excitement the group brings to the learning process. 

“I can’t count how many performances I’ve seen,” said Yancey. “But they still give me chills. And judging from the teary-eyed, cheering crowds, I know I’m not the only one. It’s a really special shared moment for everyone.”

The Liberty’s Legacy Super Citizen Program is an annual in-school program that focuses on educating 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in America’s history and heritage while incorporating character-building, financial literacy and career development components that the foundation believes “are fundamental to the success of our youth and country.”

“We know our mission of delivering these program kits free of charge to every school in the country is ambitious,”  said Yancey. “We also realize that we Americans have a history of dreaming big…and succeeding.” 

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