The Yai-Yai factor and photo equality


By Vicki Scott

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve been steadily trying to get my act together. There are so many ideas running through my head.

Most of my ideas have pictures of family members and are heartfelt, but I feel inadequate to Yai-Yai, my son Joseph’s mother-in-law and who can do everything! I’m not trying to compete with Yai-Yai, because I know she would win hands down. I guess it did not help when our six-year-old grandchild, Ava Jaymes, told me that Yai-Yai was her “real” grandmother and that she liked her better. I told her she did not have to like me at all, but I love her and all I need from her is a hug every now and then. She agreed, and I was grateful. Ava Jaymes then asked me if I liked one of our other grandchildren, Saylor Rhea, better than her. I told her that I loved them the same but in a different way.

Ava’s Yai-Yai has been her grandmother since birth and sees her almost every day. Ava is more comfortable with her Yai-Yai, and I understand that. She seems to be battling some issues, and I’m not sure what to tell her or how to act. I try extremely hard to treat all my grandchildren equal, but I have spent more time with Saylor and we’re more comfortable with each other. I think Ava understands that, but in another way. I do know that in God’s time; it will work out. I love her so much as I do all my “grands.”

The project I’ve been working on has been critiqued by the two people who read all my articles before I send them to The Messenger. Pat Hill, along with my better half Alan, have not only read all my articles but my book before it was edited by Chris McCarthy and finally published. I value what all these people bring to the table.

Pat and Alan both expressed concerns, before looking, about making sure each grandchild has an equal number of pictures in order to prevent hurt feelings. Ava Jaymes’ comment about Saylor Rhea confirmed what both Pat and Alan suggested. I did my best to make sure the numbers were equal and had Alan check them. Ava and Saylor have an equal number of pictures. Tyler Kate and Addison Victoria have less photos, but they are younger, and I think I can work with it. I could add more photos, but I am tired. I probably will add more later.

My brother and his wife are almost done with Christmas shopping, while I am stuck on the first gift. I need to get my act together, so prayers would be appreciated. Yai-Yai is a superwoman, and I praise God that we are not in competition. I’m just trying to “accentuate the positive” in this “grandma-ship.”  All I need is a hug every now and then. If I keep the photos equal, I think I have a chance.

Stay safe, y’all!

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