To cruise or not to cruise?


By Vicki Scott

Due to this coronavirus, our long-awaited cruise was recently cancelled. We thought the cruise was booked far enough ahead as not to be affected by the quarantine. As the days neared for our embarkation date, the continued threat of the coronavirus kept my attention.

Our first cruise was for our honeymoon almost 34 years ago, and it was my first time visiting the Bahamas. It was then I realized how much I had missed out on so far in life. I am not dead yet, but I have become addicted to cruises. The only getaways I like better than cruises are mission trips. It was an honor to go to the Bahamas on a mission trip in 2015 after a devastating hurricane left the island in need of repairs.

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook by a person who also had to rearrange cruise time.
While I read the post, I remembered to finish filling out our information for our cruise. We were waiting for our passports that we applied for months ago. A birth certificate would be sufficient for this cruise, so we entered our birth certificate choice. We planned to use our passports – if they arrived in time – when we boarded the ship.

When my computer booted up, I pulled up my account, when a note popped up with a list of cancelled cruises. There it was – all cruises up to September 30, 2020, cancelled. Ours was set for September 28, 2020. On the Facebook post, one person had changed their cruise three times!

We were offered another cruise for a full refund of the cancelled cruise, plus a $300 credit per stateroom. We found that future cruises were significantly less expensive, so that made it worth the inconvenience.
Before booking our cruise, we had no idea what was going to happen to my mother, so it was a blessing for us when the cruise was cancelled. I did not want to sail away and leave her wherever or in whatever state of mind she would inhabit. I decided to get a refund for now.

Mom is on my mind. She recently collapsed from a blood clot on her lung and pneumonia. We thought we were going to lose her for a while, and she is not yet out of danger. She has been tested for the COVID-19 twice and was found negative both times. I praise God for that.

It looks like we are going to wait a little while for our long-awaited cruise, but that is okay. If it is the Lord’s will, our time is coming. When that time does arrive, I know that I will be able to enjoy it without a heavy heart. I praise God that our cruise was cancelled, and I pray for my mom. I pray also for all those affected by the coronavirus and dementia.

Thanks for your prayers and stay safe!

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