Will the real Willie Lee Golden please stand up?


By Vicki Scott

On March 24, my husband Alan and I attended a performance of the Oak Ridge Boys in Montgomery. During the week prior to the concert, we were watching the house of the sister of one of the band members, Willie Lee Golden. Her house is located across the slough from us on Lake Martin in Dadeville.

I did not know who Willie Lee Golden was until a mutual neighbor clued me in. I had spotted him several times since then but never tried to introduce myself. It was years later when I approached a man with a long beard and asked him if he was a Golden. He was not, and I did my walk of shame back to my seat at a restaurant. I just thought I was embarrassed at the time but then the man attended our mutual neighbor’s funeral.

During said funeral, I found out that the long-bearded guy I thought might be Willie Lee Golden was also our neighbor. As luck would have it, he is a motorcycle enthusiast like Alan. 

Willie Lee Golden’s sister might have sold her place during the 10 years we lived in Glencoe, but we hold on to the hope that she still owns the property, which would be perfect for the whole Oak Ridge Boys band to crash in while in town.

We had not noticed any movement at Willie Lee Golden’s sister’s house until the week of the Oak Ridge Boys Montgomery concert, when someone pressure-washed the whole house. We could have asked then but did not want to intrude. That walk of shame at the restaurant taught me a lesson.

It did not help matters when I arrived home one day during that same week to see the long-bearded neighbor in our yard looking at motorcycles with Alan. My heart dropped. It turned out that he was walking down the road when noticed Alan’s motorcycles and stopped to talk. I will be so embarrassed if he ever remembers, but I know it’s just a matter of time.

I thought perhaps the band would be at the lake house the Wednesday before the Montgomery concert, but there was no activity. From Thursday through Saturday night however, the house was lit up. Alan and I occasionally looking toward the lights, while we sat on our deck, but we saw no one.

We do have a life; so the suspense of all this should not be as exciting as it seems. We even knew Willie Lee Golden’s cousin until he went to be with the Lord. I worked with him and and he was gifted with musical talent as well. I’ve been blessed to meet many famous people, but I do not have another story like this one. Like Rocky, I just cannot win.

Until next time, stay safe, y’all!

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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