Weddings require paperwork (and we don’t mean those napkins with the happy couple’s names on them)


By Donna Thornton/News Editor

Some of the glitz and glamour of the wedding ceremony might be optional, but one thing is not: a trip to the courthouse to see marriage clerk Pam Bone.

Bone is typically the person an engaged couple sees to get their marriage licenses – a requirement for couples to be legally married.

To get a marriage license, both the bride and groom must come to the Probate Judge’s office and they must bring their certified birth certificates, current drivers licenses; and Social Security cards, Bone said. Most people do take the time to find out what’s required before they come in seeking a license, she said.

“A lot of people call first,” Bone said, which is helpful.

To be married, both must be at least 18 years old. If either member of the couple is 16 or 17, both his or her parents have to sign that they give permission for the issuance of the license, and both parents must show their drivers licenses.

It costs $40 to purchase a license, Bone said, and after a license is issued the couple has 30 days to get hitched. If that 30 days goes by, she said, they have to come back in again, with all the identification and buy another license.

People can choose to get married at the courthouse, in a ceremony performed by Probate Judge Bobby Junkins or Chief Clerk Sherry McGinnis.

For Etowah County residents, the license and ceremony cost $78. For Alabamians outside Etowah County, the cost is $88.

Bone said people can get married anywhere in Alabama after getting a marriage license in one of Alabama’s counties.

“Some (try to) get married out of state,” Bone said. “That’s not legal.”

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